Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dishonest Buyers

I have friend that was selling a new black Ipod 80 GB on eBay. It was bought in an auction to the highest bidder. The buyer contacted my friend about a week after he received the item to say that it was defective. My friend asked questions as to what was wrong with the unit. Instead of telling my friend what the problem was the buyer opened a Paypal dispute. Through Paypal the buyer and seller try to resolve the claim. The buyer claimed that my friend wouldn't respond and the item was defective and he wanted a full refund. Well Paypal decided to rule in favor of the buyer. The buyer had 10 days to get the item back to my friend. My friend got the Ipod back and it was white not the black Ipod my friend sold. He opened a dispute with Paypal that he didn't receive the correct item back. Paypal still ruled in favor of the buyer. So, my friend is just out the money. I guess the moral to the story is you are never protected from fraud.

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