Saturday, January 9, 2010

Panama Netbuy Just Leaves Negative Feedback For Ebay Sellers

Block eBay user ID net_wakamuel, group_123, net_herrera507 buying items from you. They only leave negative feedback with the comment of "bad seller bad product". They never contact you nor is their claim in no way legitiment. Today alone they have left over 50 negative feedbacks.

eBay user ID: net_wakamuel, group_123, net_herrera507

Panama Netbuy
8424 NW 56th St
Suite PTY 1779
Doral, FL 33166

Phone # 305-396-2904

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Michael Kerr & Anne Kerr Ebay & Paypal Scammer

This is a husband and wife team that has scammed several eBay sellers. They buy an item from you and two weeks later they call their bank and get a charge back started. Michael Kerr sends an email explaining that his "book keeper" had contact his bank claiming there were fraudulent transactions. He goes on to explain that he is working on contacting his bank to get the charge back lifted and the money returned back to the sellers. He claimed that this happened to over 68 sellers and it would take sometime. He sends out a couple more emails telling all of the sellers that he is still working on clearing this matter up. By the time you realize it the credit card companies have already ruled in his favor. So watch out this couple are liars cheats and thieves.

Michael Kerr, Anne Kerr
3009 East Bay
Williamsburg, VA 23185

Google Map

eBay User: kerreckt

Friday, May 8, 2009

Seller claims item is new

I recently bought a Logitech Harmony 890 universal remote off of eBay. The seller claimed the item was new and in a sealed box. Well I received this item and it wasn't in a sealed box. It had been opened and used; they carefully tried to put the item back in the box. The listing claimed it was being shipped priority mail it took 8 days to get to me. So, I am already upset for making wait for parcel post. Once I found that the item was used I was livid at this seller. So I contact the seller and he says it’s virtually new and what is my problem? He said the item is in great working shape. I had a decision to make do I keep the item or do I return it? Unfortunately I’m not a very patient person when I decide I want something I tend to want it right now. So I ultimately decided to keep the item. It now has a couple of problems and I can’t return it to Logitech to get repaired. I guess I learned my lesson and will stick to the more reputable seller

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dishonest Sellers - Expired Products

I read that some sellers on eBay are selling expired products. For example take sunscreen it has a shelf life of one year before it expires. I recommend that you only buy these products from a seller that has feedback from someone that has bought this product and has left good feedback. Also check the auction description carefully to see if they list the expiration date. You also may want to email the seller to make sure you are getting a product that isn’t expired.

Here are some products that have an expiration date:

Over the Counter Drugs
Feminine Hygiene
Gift Cards & Certificates
Beauty Supplies
Household Cleaners

Dishonest Buyers

I have friend that was selling a new black Ipod 80 GB on eBay. It was bought in an auction to the highest bidder. The buyer contacted my friend about a week after he received the item to say that it was defective. My friend asked questions as to what was wrong with the unit. Instead of telling my friend what the problem was the buyer opened a Paypal dispute. Through Paypal the buyer and seller try to resolve the claim. The buyer claimed that my friend wouldn't respond and the item was defective and he wanted a full refund. Well Paypal decided to rule in favor of the buyer. The buyer had 10 days to get the item back to my friend. My friend got the Ipod back and it was white not the black Ipod my friend sold. He opened a dispute with Paypal that he didn't receive the correct item back. Paypal still ruled in favor of the buyer. So, my friend is just out the money. I guess the moral to the story is you are never protected from fraud.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

James & Megan MacKinnon Clarendon Hills, IL

We have just been cheated by a buyer James MacKinnon & Megan MacKinnon. It started out with them buying a Potter flow switch $50.00. We made a mistake and shipped them out a Potter vault alarm $240.00. He contacted us on Friday night to say he got the wrong item. James said that he needed the correct item by Monday for an install. We told him we would overnight the part even though this meant we would loose big on this transaction. He said he would ship the incorrect part back to us. We told him that we would reimburse him for the shipping charges. This was clearly our mistake but we wanted to make sure his part made it to him on time and it did. Now we cannot get him to return our calls nor can we get him to ship the item back. I believe he is either installing fire alarm systems or fire sprinklers in Illinois. Watch out for this guy he is dishonest and will cheat you. Below is his contact information.

eBay User ID: abbylizmack
James MacKinnon & Megan MacKinnon
6 Algonquin Rd
Clarendon Hills, IL 60514
Phone: (630) 654-3045
Cell: (708) 878-4128

James also goes by Jim Mack

Friday, June 13, 2008

Kasos László - eBay Scam

I had someone from Hungary buy an expensive item from me the other day. He promptly sent me an email after he purchased the item asking for an invoice. We sent him an invoice through eBay but he came back and said that isn't an invoice. So, I sent him an invoice through Paypal. He came back with a template of an invoice that he would like me to send back to him. He also wanted my bank account info so that he could wire the money to my account. I emailed him back and told him that we only accept payment through Paypal or money order. I also told him that if he could not pay through one of these methods I would relist the item. He came back with relist the item.

Here is there contact info:

Kasos László
Logistics Manager

8000 Székesfehérvár
Berényi út 72-100
VAT: HU11110282

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bot Scam

Here is basically how it works. The scammer gets a new user ID and uses bots to find 1 cent auctions, like ebooks. These are downloaded and usually the seller’s entire system is automated. So the scammer can achieve feedback rather quickly. They will get about fifteen to twenty feedbacks, costing 20 cents. They start selling expensive items and of coarse they don’t ship the items after the sale. I guess the moral of the story is to check out the sellers feedback to see if it was accumulated buying very cheap items.

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