Saturday, January 9, 2010

Panama Netbuy Just Leaves Negative Feedback For Ebay Sellers

Block eBay user ID net_wakamuel, group_123, net_herrera507 buying items from you. They only leave negative feedback with the comment of "bad seller bad product". They never contact you nor is their claim in no way legitiment. Today alone they have left over 50 negative feedbacks.

eBay user ID: net_wakamuel, group_123, net_herrera507

Panama Netbuy
8424 NW 56th St
Suite PTY 1779
Doral, FL 33166

Phone # 305-396-2904


Melvis said...

There was a e ex employee that use the company ebays account to leave negative feedback to the seller we contact ebay to explain he wasnt the owner of the account and use it and delete those negative feedback but they dint so what more else we can do if someone login in to us account and mess up everything, ebay just block the account but leave the negative feedback to the seller. My apologizes you can contact me at

Angela said...


candy said...

yeah, totally agree.

this fraudster has got a new Ebay ID:


He claims Non-Receipt of the parcel even record is showing the parcel has been delivered already!

Cheap crook!


Sellers be VERY CAREFUL!

Hope Ebay and paypal can do something about this.

Janey said...

This buyer is now scamming on Amazon too! Different username/ID but definitely the same address and same (illegitimate) complaint.

aaron said...

Now going by graphic group_123 on EBAY. Bid on a very large ticket item but never paid.

Rebecca said... is now using jaime_cal as a user name. Horrible, paid me after 8 days when I have a 3 day payment policy, I tried to cancel the transaction and they finally paid, why does eBay let this scammer just register with new names all the time?

Cider Bill said...

net_herrera507 is the newest eBay id for this person (JUNE 27 2011). Unfortunately I didn't have this information until after the sale closed.

Anonymous said...

I should note, these dishonest practices are not coming from the company itself, I don't work for the company but I'm a customer.

They just create special accounts for other users to be able to use ebay from Panama. As a matter of fact I have one of these special accounts myself, unfortunately there is always people that use this service to do wrong, they just ask for them to create an account and then mess around behind a good company's name.
I believe these people are not real customer but just unhappy and inexpert ebay users that found out about this international company's services and exploited it.

IMO, Panama Netbuy should come with a solution to get around this issue, best thing is to complain to them directly about this ongoing issue, I'm going to complain myself as this could affect me in the future as people dont know what I've just told you, and they would think I'm just Panama Netbuy with yet another account.

KaylaDeon said...

net_elqmao03, this is the newest screen name.

kimchi_girl said...

Their new buyer id name is: richardmatheus. Sold a phone to them and now they are complaining that it is not working. Hum....

John said...

They just tried to order from us on our website and we voided and cancelled the transaction. I don't need these kind of headaches.
Thanks for posting!

trm.supplychain said...

This page just saved me a lot of grief. Cancelled his order toot sweet! Thank you for being here.

sharonnstuff said...

Thank you for this warning! I google addresses which look curious right before I ship. Glad I did and was able to cancel the transaction in advance.
their latest user name:
their latest email:
but of course the shipping address remains constant.

Steve & Cathy said...

The newest one is pnb_andel2k and they now are trying to pull a scam where they say they have yet to receive package. Lucky for me in got in insured with signature required. Their newest on ebay is pnb_andel2k.

Who Is It? said...

pnb_edsuero - new eBay id.

The Morganator said...

Panama netbuy is now using the eBay id: net_anno5
They just ripped me off for £17.00 (about $30) by claiming non receipt of item and demanding a refund.
I provided eBay with all info needed but they still found in there favour!

michaelcku said...

What is the ship to address?

michaelcku said...

what is the ship to address?

Anonymous said...

Received an offer on an item that I accepted. Buyer did not post immediate payment as required, but later sent a message apologizing and promising payment soon. A reply message has received no response. EBAY user ID:
net_jorge ( 1 )

djwme said...

He's changed his ID again. It's now zbdielj. I swear, it seems like every other transaction on Ebay is now a scam. Ebay seriously needs to clean it's act up.

iamme said...

His new ID is zbdielj.

ChardonnayLuvr said...

PanamaNetBuy is a service provided by a company in Panama. They purchase items in America on eBay or Amazon as a service to people in Panama. I have no idea what they charge for this service (to their customers), but I'll bet they do change their "name" quite often. You can check out their website at (but it's all in Spanish :)

concerned ebay newbie said...

I just got paid by then for an item. They seemed nice, it says 100 on their feedback, how do I prevent them from hurting my ebay reputation?

Danny Kuo said...

Got a order from the Panama Netbuy (buyer name pnb_robalga) on ebay I'm for sure shipping out by signature inquires.

Danny Kuo said...

New ID on ebay : pnb_robalga

Panama Netbuy
8424 NW 56th St
Ste PTY-1779
Doral, FL 33166
United States

got a order from them on ebay
and will cancel it. 08/28/2013

New guy 101 said...

net_yairhiran01 is his new ID.

Shipping Address:
8424 NW 56th St
Ste PTY1779
Doral, FL 33166-3327
United States
(305) 396-1365

Ordered an iPhone from me and didn't pay. Thanks for all the other posts.

Alisha Bernard said...

New acct name is net_reyjesus. I was leery of the co because he just opened the acct and had only 2 feedback scores. He came in literally 1 sec before auction ended and outbid legitimate buyers. I didn't want to take the chance so I did some research and came across all this info about these people. Thank you all because I was able to cancel through eBay and report them again. Unfortunately I waited 7 days for my auction to end and now I have to do it all over again!!

Joey Rodriguez said...

wow im so glad i looked this up! he made an offer on something I'm selling. His new Ebay ID is

Fearless Raccoon said...

Great! This buyer hasn't paid or communicated in 5 days, so I googled "Panama Netbuy" and this is what I found. I've contacted eBay about cancelling our transaction, wish me luck!

eBay Seller said...

Looks like they might be at it again.

Panama Netbuy
DMR Cargo Logistics (PTY270)
5141 NW 79 Ave, Suite C4
Doral, FL 33166
United States
(305) 900-1215

I'm not going to ship. If payment is made, I'll refund.

Unknown said...

Hello, My name is Alvaro. I am a customer from Panama Net Buy located in Panamá Central América. When I found this blog yesterday I got worried about the bad reputation it gives them. Been their customer for the last 3 years. So I asked them about it and they told me that they used to have an employee that was a prick years ago and when they realized what he was doing they fired him. I have purchased using their service all kind of stuff.. computer parts, electric guitars, even an iPhone 6 that already is waiting in Florida to be delivered next friday 09/19/2014.
I will like that people that sell thru ebay to take their time and talk to them. Looks unfair to me that a post made in 2010 has a negative impact NOT for paramanetbuy BUT for us their customers that pay to purchase goods in USA and have them delivered here in Panama.

Matt Fales said...

The newest id name is jrgmarrone. I have not yet had a problem but the payment was very slow.

declinetostate said...

Wow, just happened to me too.

First they claim they "didn't get it"

But too bad, I have signed proof of delivery.

Now they state "not as described".

What scumbags.

Totally dishonest, AVOID AT ALL COSTS

THEIR CURRENT USER NAME: "panamaaccount3"

PJ ski said...

Add a new name to this list: madel_10

Same story. They bought an item. Claimed a month later did not receive, and issued Paypal chargeback (without as much as an email on eBay first). We've seen this before- this is simply a massive buying-service for people in regions eBay/Amazon generally do not serve (Panama). These customers will buy something- after a few weeks get impatient- and possibly cancel the order.

PanamaNetBuy, not wanting to be caught in the middle with their pants down or risk losing money- of course refund their customer- and now- need to recupe their money, do a chargeback aginst YOU the seller. They simply pass all the risk in operating their shaky business- to YOU- the eBay seller. They couldn't care less about the item they received from you- as it wasn't for them- they have no need for it. Chances are, they have another department that just auctions off all this extra stock elsewhere. This is a massive scam/fraud. It amazes me shit like this operates out of the U.S. Then again... on second thought... doesn't surprise me at all. Besides, their address is very familiar. I think these guys run some other very similar operations like this out of Doral, FL, 33166.

Sadly, not much you can do. They order 1000s on items on eBay, so you've got a better chance of seeing the U.S. go without invading someone in the next ten years, then eBay stepping in to do something about this. It's a lose-lose situation for eBay sellers.

As for the few here who said "Oh...they seem to be nice... they have 100% feedback"... really? Were you people born yesterday? EVERYONE who only buys, has 100% feedback on eBay. There is nothing more meaningless than buyer feedback on eBay. Monopoly money has more value than eBay's "buyer feedback". What value can any buyer's feedback have, if the ONLY feedback a buyer can ever receive- is a positive? Think about it for a moment, if it's not too taxing on your brain. No matter how many times you scam eBay sellers, no matter how blatant and obvious it is- you will never have less than 100% positive buyer feedback, because a neutral or negative rating is not permitted to be left to a buyer (how's that for a "fair and transparent" community?). Ah yes... that's the wonderful thing about offering your goods on eBay...

Sorry... a little tired of all the bs eBay allows on its site, so long as that bs is profitable for them.

Mayumi Yamada said...

madel_10 is another one you can add to the list.

This is a massive-scale fraud operating out of Florida.

It appears they are a buying service for regions eBay/Amazon do not serve.

Buyers place an order on their site. And, if/when those buyers changed their mind, cancel order, or simply get impatient and elect to cancel the order, this company- caught with it's pants down- needs to recupe it's money. It does so, by issuing a chargeback against you, the seller- knowing well that there's a better chance the U.S. will go the next ten years without invading someone, than eBay or Paypal siding you with you the seller in a chargeback, regardless of how much evidence countering their claim you provide.

As for the imbecile who stated "oh... but they seem nice... they have 100% buyer feedback".... were you born yesterday? A person can only have, 100% buyer feedback on eBay. Monopoly money has more value than eBay's "buyer feedback". A buyer could defraud hundreds of people, even blatantly at that- buy items- claim in most cases they did not receive them (even when they do receive them), and guess what their feedback would be? 100% perfect. eBay's buyer feedback became a complete and utter sham the moment they castrated it's sellers by taking their ability to warn others of fraudulent buyers via feedback. Today, no matter what took place- no matter how a buyer behaved, how unethical or dishonest they were, even if they flat out told you- they will scam you- you only have one option where feedback is concert: a wonderful, positive rating. Sure, eBay will provide you with the illusion of "fairness" by telling you can ask eBay to "step in and investigate". But every seller reading this knows what a joke eBay's support is in cases where a seller claims they have been defrauded.

eBay knows: if a seller is screwed a few times, they'll bitch n' complain, but they won't stop selling. It's their livelihood (in some cases). But, if a buyer doesn't get their way- they'll go shop elsewhere. So it's pure economics: everytime there is any issue: side with the buyer, and the buyers will return. Its capitalism in it's purest form: go with the blanket policy that will maximize profits. More buyers = more profits. More buyers = more sellers. This is why every month it seems eBay introduces more policies that make it more difficult for sellers to protect themselves, and makes it easier for buyers to game the system.

This company's success- likely in the millions- despite their blatant policy of passing on all their risk to you, the seller- is proof of how easy it is to manipulate eBay's unbalanced policies to maximize profit at the expense of honest, decent sellers in eBay's increasingly neglected seller community.

Good news is: there are an increasing number of fantastic alternatives to eBay, who have grown as a direct result of the legions of sellers eBay and Paypal have alienated. A quick Google search, and a mid-sized pair of balls required to try something new, will have you well on your way.

Or... you can continue to work your ass off, paint little butterflies on your packages, provide extra wrapping, ship 3 times a day instead of once, and hope that eBay will "recognize" your efforts the next time a jackass like this takes you for a ride (even though... all of us here know exactly what will happen and how eBay's automated "assistance" will handle the so called case.).

Mayumi Yamada said...

There is a simple way to collect evidence of this fraud. And, subsequently gather a group of people who have been burned by anyone of their countless IDs in a class-action suit. If it can be demonstrated that eBay has been informed about this- and elected to do nothing (or allow an operation that defrauds it's seller community to continue operating on their site with impunity), then eBay too would be rendered complicit.

Gathering evidence of this fraud, would not be difficult: one could consider, in theory, if legal, finding an item using their website (panamanetbuy), which you are selling on eBay. Place the order, using their site. They will then buy the item from your eBay auction. Be sure to use tracking when sending the eBay item to panamanetbuy. Once it arrives, one could ask to have the order cancelled, on panamanetbuy's website. And herein, we would see how their fraud operates: my guess is, they would recuperate their lost funds, by turning to the eBay seller, and opening a Paypal claim, stating either that the item was not received (or if it was- as your tracking would prove) state that it was "not as described".

It isn't difficult to fight back against these kind of crooks, but it does take will, and a group of people who have been burned by them. If this thread is any indication, I have a feeling we could find hundreds- if not thousands who've been burned by them on other threads, by googling their other user IDs.

JM said...

All those usernames leaving negative feedback are just regular buyers. PanamaNetbuy is a proxy payment service for those in Panama who doesn't have a credit card and/or means of arranging shipment to USA. When you make an account with them you are offered to either create an ebay account with them (you get to choose the username and password) or if you have an ebay account you can transfer it which merelly puts the shipping and credit info in their name. Everything else (including the ability to interact with sellers and leave feedback) is still under the user's control.

Marlene Haines said...

Here’s the latest ID they are using net_buypanama
They gave tried purchasing two items from me in the last two days and I cancelled the transactions.