Saturday, January 9, 2010

Panama Netbuy Just Leaves Negative Feedback For Ebay Sellers

Block eBay user ID net_wakamuel, group_123, net_herrera507 buying items from you. They only leave negative feedback with the comment of "bad seller bad product". They never contact you nor is their claim in no way legitiment. Today alone they have left over 50 negative feedbacks.

eBay user ID: net_wakamuel, group_123, net_herrera507

Panama Netbuy
8424 NW 56th St
Suite PTY 1779
Doral, FL 33166

Phone # 305-396-2904


Angela said...


candy said...

yeah, totally agree.

this fraudster has got a new Ebay ID:


He claims Non-Receipt of the parcel even record is showing the parcel has been delivered already!

Cheap crook!


Sellers be VERY CAREFUL!

Hope Ebay and paypal can do something about this.

Janey said...

This buyer is now scamming on Amazon too! Different username/ID but definitely the same address and same (illegitimate) complaint.

aaron said...

Now going by graphic group_123 on EBAY. Bid on a very large ticket item but never paid.

Rebecca said... is now using jaime_cal as a user name. Horrible, paid me after 8 days when I have a 3 day payment policy, I tried to cancel the transaction and they finally paid, why does eBay let this scammer just register with new names all the time?

Cider Bill said...

net_herrera507 is the newest eBay id for this person (JUNE 27 2011). Unfortunately I didn't have this information until after the sale closed.

KaylaDeon said...

net_elqmao03, this is the newest screen name.

kimchi_girl said...

Their new buyer id name is: richardmatheus. Sold a phone to them and now they are complaining that it is not working. Hum....

John said...

They just tried to order from us on our website and we voided and cancelled the transaction. I don't need these kind of headaches.
Thanks for posting!

trm.supplychain said...

This page just saved me a lot of grief. Cancelled his order toot sweet! Thank you for being here.

sharonnstuff said...

Thank you for this warning! I google addresses which look curious right before I ship. Glad I did and was able to cancel the transaction in advance.
their latest user name:
their latest email:
but of course the shipping address remains constant.

Steve & Cathy said...

The newest one is pnb_andel2k and they now are trying to pull a scam where they say they have yet to receive package. Lucky for me in got in insured with signature required. Their newest on ebay is pnb_andel2k.

Who Is It? said...

pnb_edsuero - new eBay id.

The Morganator said...

Panama netbuy is now using the eBay id: net_anno5
They just ripped me off for £17.00 (about $30) by claiming non receipt of item and demanding a refund.
I provided eBay with all info needed but they still found in there favour!

michaelcku said...

What is the ship to address?

michaelcku said...

what is the ship to address?

Anonymous said...

Received an offer on an item that I accepted. Buyer did not post immediate payment as required, but later sent a message apologizing and promising payment soon. A reply message has received no response. EBAY user ID:
net_jorge ( 1 )

djwme said...

He's changed his ID again. It's now zbdielj. I swear, it seems like every other transaction on Ebay is now a scam. Ebay seriously needs to clean it's act up.

iamme said...

His new ID is zbdielj.

ChardonnayLuvr said...

PanamaNetBuy is a service provided by a company in Panama. They purchase items in America on eBay or Amazon as a service to people in Panama. I have no idea what they charge for this service (to their customers), but I'll bet they do change their "name" quite often. You can check out their website at (but it's all in Spanish :)

concerned ebay newbie said...

I just got paid by then for an item. They seemed nice, it says 100 on their feedback, how do I prevent them from hurting my ebay reputation?

Danny Kuo said...

Got a order from the Panama Netbuy (buyer name pnb_robalga) on ebay I'm for sure shipping out by signature inquires.

Danny Kuo said...

New ID on ebay : pnb_robalga

Panama Netbuy
8424 NW 56th St
Ste PTY-1779
Doral, FL 33166
United States

got a order from them on ebay
and will cancel it. 08/28/2013